New Video Gear at the Giants’ Feet

October 2019

Video with a new app, a new gimbal, and a semi-new lens didn’t quite pan out. But a few hours along the mile-long Redwood Loop Trail puts things in perspective. It’s easy to feel small at the feet of giants.

A Good Day to Sleep Late and Hike

June 2019

In June 2019 I joined a Bay-area-based hiking meetup called “Sleep Late and Hike.” We met at one of my favorite state parks for a 10.5 mile hike to Maple Falls and back. Seven hours later we’d hiked closer to 13 miles, then returned to Aptos, CA for a festive dinner.

A New Angle on Coastal Redwoods

October 2018

The weather gave me more than I expected when I took my new wide-angle lens to photograph some of the largest trees in the world.

Every Shade of Green

July 2018

I went south to escape mid-July heat, and discovered a wonderful forest that I didn’t want to leave.

We Found a Train, Then We Might Have Gotten Lost

June 2018

On a warm June day I had the chance to travel on foot and by train through the great redwoods near Santa Cruz. I only got lost once.

The Hike was Cancelled, but I Went Anyway

April 2018

Big Basin Redwoods is a popular destination in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I went expecting to join a group — but ended up going solo. Also, they sell baby trees.