A Lack of Scenery and Signage on the Trail

July 2018

My first visit to Sanborn CP was a misadventure in wayfinding and a mismatch of expectations to reality.

Quicksilver Under an Azure Sky

July 2018

Any early clouds had long since burned away. as I climbed trails through Quicksilver Almaden County Park.

Climbing to Castles in the Mist

June 2018

While the sun shone elsewhere, I met a cloud upon a mountainside.

Livestock and Wildlife

May 2018

My first visit to this combination county park and open space preserve was crowded with wildlife and livestock.

Fewer Trees and More Bikes on a Sunny Sunday

May 2018

An easy trip from home, crowded with casual walkers and the occasional cyclist. From the overlook, Silicon Valley stretched out before me.