Using Color to Organize a Dashboard

March 2021

When I had the opportunity to help design a dashboard for a client, I knew it was a good case for using color to make sense of sales data. “Information management” and “color” don’t always coincide, but I’ve worked out a practical approach to using hue and value as tools instead of decoration. The dashboard’s […]

Reinventing Lorem Ipsum as a Meal Planner

July 2019

Filler text, a.k.a. “lorem ipsum,” causes more problems than it solves. I’m inventing a better solution that turns meaningless drivel into a useful tool.

Using Tags to Find Things in the macOS Finder

November 2018

Tagging isn’t just for website content. It also applies to files and folders on Macs. Tags lead to order, more or less, and system-wide searches so you can find information you need before your next client meeting.