The Squishy Trail to Windy Hill

January 2019

My muddiest hike to date climbed more than a thousand feet to one of those worth-the-walk views after weeks of air-washing rain. If you’re take on such a hike, go with a friend.

All Was Quiet

December 2018

The weekend before Christmas, I took a short hike east of the Lexington Reservoir. The sky was overcast; the mood was peaceful.

Big Sky in the South Bay

December 2018

An easy walk to a radio telescope made for a pleasant evening in Palo Alto. The most impressive sight turned out to be all around.

A NaNoWriMo Half-way Party Under Smoky Skies

November 2018

NaNoWriMo 2018 coincided with some of the worst fires in California’s history. But writing enthusiasts congregated at a home in the hills. Views at sunset didn’t require a hike.

A Sacred Site and a Cold War Relic

October 2018

On a warm October morning, I made the scenic — and surprisingly mild — hike up Mt. Umunhum. This sacred mountain is also the home of an enormous Cold War-era radar tower visible from San Jose and beyond.

What Goes Down, Must Hike Up

September 2018

The map is not the territory; the story is not the experience; the difficulty can be overcome.

Grass, Water, and Diablo Dust

September 2018

East of the valley, I found Grant Ranch as a dusty, grassy county park whose pond fared better than its roses.

An Unexpected Trickle

September 2018

During a dry spell I went looking for vanished waterfalls, and found a babbling brook instead.

Strolling the Dry Marshes of Silicon Valley

August 2018

Civilized marshlands make for an easy walk in Sunnyvale. Wild country, this was not.

Fences Divide Civilization and Wilderness

August 2018

The southern end of the Bay Area Ridge Trail is a decent park that balances civilization with wilderness. But I couldn’t help thinking that its white fallow deer weren’t the only ones fenced off.