Sunset Experiments, Early 2021

March 2021

Experiments at sunset in the first few months of the year, as I play with different ways to photograph sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. Or maybe I just want excuses to get out more.

Sunset Atop Cerro San Luis

May 2020

Rarely have I enjoyed scenery on a hike as much as my sunset trip to the summit of this mountain in San Luis Obispo. This evening was a great way to start hiking in the area.

A Lonely Highway

May 2019

In May I walked down an old section of Highway 1 that’s set aside for pedestrians and cyclists. Meandering a mile and a half down the highway provides plenty of hazy ocean views, geology lessons, steady wind, and the graffitied remains of a World War II-era bunker.

A Quiet Road Trip From Beach to Forest

May 2019

During a long weekend I ventured to a state beach to see a shipwreck, one of my favorite state forests, and improvised a trip along Highway 1 to parts unknown.

The Relentless Uphill Climb was Worth the Ocean View

June 2018

Near a town known for surfing, I climbed a mountain on a hot day with people from all around the Bay.