Using Tags to Find Things in the macOS Finder

November 2018

Tagging isn’t just for website content. It also applies to files and folders on Macs. Tags lead to order, more or less, and system-wide searches so you can find information you need before your next client meeting.

Fight Pixel Bloat With a Dash of Math

October 2018

Image optimization isn’t just saving lower JPG percentages. It’s a question of “pixel weight,” or the average amount of information each pixel contains. More pixels in an image isn’t a bad thing, as long as the individual units aren’t flabby. I mean, who wants potbellied pixels?

Create Harmonious Tag Families With a Sensible Framework

September 2018

While trying to build a tag system that made sense, I stumbled on a system for building human- and algorithm-friendly keywords. Taxonomy came from prose.