Trails at Skyline and Nine

August 2019

Two dayhikes, a week apart, took me through four parks and preserves at the intersection of California Highway 9 and Skyline Boulevard. The next weekend I returned for a dramatic sunset.

A Lonely Highway

May 2019

In May I walked down an old section of Highway 1 that’s set aside for pedestrians and cyclists. Meandering a mile and a half down the highway provides plenty of hazy ocean views, geology lessons, steady wind, and the graffitied remains of a World War II-era bunker.

A Quiet Road Trip From Beach to Forest

May 2019

During a long weekend I ventured to a state beach to see a shipwreck, one of my favorite state forests, and improvised a trip along Highway 1 to parts unknown.

Floating on the Wind

April 2019

Ed Levin County Park provided many views, not always on the ground. Paragliders and sweeping Bay Area views made this a memorable hike.

Spring Greets the Northern Redwoods

March 2019

The first decently-warm weather of the season drew me to a redwoods preserve just south of San Francisco, within sight of the Pacific Ocean.

The Camera, the Pack, and the River

February 2019

After weeks of rain, I took a through a city park that was decidedly un-urban. I brought a GoPro camera, with mixed results.

Big Sky in the South Bay

December 2018

An easy walk to a radio telescope made for a pleasant evening in Palo Alto. The most impressive sight turned out to be all around.

A NaNoWriMo Half-way Party Under Smoky Skies

November 2018

NaNoWriMo 2018 coincided with some of the worst fires in California’s history. But writing enthusiasts congregated at a home in the hills. Views at sunset didn’t require a hike.

A New Angle on Coastal Redwoods

October 2018

The weather gave me more than I expected when I took my new wide-angle lens to photograph some of the largest trees in the world.

What Goes Down, Must Hike Up

September 2018

The map is not the territory; the story is not the experience; the difficulty can be overcome.