We Found a Train, Then We Might Have Gotten Lost

June 2018

On a warm June day I had the chance to travel on foot and by train through the great redwoods near Santa Cruz. I only got lost once.

History and Horses

June 2018

Famous for its horse stable and history in coffee, what surprised me was this park’s algae-covered toxic newt breeding ground.

Livestock and Wildlife

May 2018

My first visit to this combination county park and open space preserve was crowded with wildlife and livestock.

Caves and Friends Among the Pinnacles

May 2018

I hiked with a group through part of Pinnacles National Park. This time our route took us through a cave.

Fewer Trees and More Bikes on a Sunny Sunday

May 2018

An easy trip from home, crowded with casual walkers and the occasional cyclist. From the overlook, Silicon Valley stretched out before me.

The Hike was Cancelled, but I Went Anyway

April 2018

Big Basin Redwoods is a popular destination in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I went expecting to join a group — but ended up going solo. Also, they sell baby trees.