Varying Trail Conditions

March 2019

Calero County Park is a good local getaway for easy, somewhat scenic, hilly day hikes. The trails range from wide to narrow, dry to wet, and from grand views to cozy forests.

The Wrong Way to Horseshoe Lake

March 2019

Seeking a good view, I found the wrong entrance to Skyline Ridge. Even better, I took a wrong turn that lead the right way. But the view was worth getting mixed up.

Spring Greets the Northern Redwoods

March 2019

The first decently-warm weather of the season drew me to a redwoods preserve just south of San Francisco, within sight of the Pacific Ocean.

Well, That Was a Short Hike

March 2019

A straightforward hike through intermittent rain with views of a nearby reservoir. And that’s about it.

The Camera, the Pack, and the River

February 2019

After weeks of rain, I took a through a city park that was decidedly un-urban. I brought a GoPro camera, with mixed results.

The Squishy Trail to Windy Hill

January 2019

My muddiest hike to date climbed more than a thousand feet to one of those worth-the-walk views after weeks of air-washing rain. If you’re take on such a hike, go with a friend.

All Was Quiet

December 2018

The weekend before Christmas, I took a short hike east of the Lexington Reservoir. The sky was overcast; the mood was peaceful.

Big Sky in the South Bay

December 2018

An easy walk to a radio telescope made for a pleasant evening in Palo Alto. The most impressive sight turned out to be all around.

A Sacred Site and a Cold War Relic

October 2018

On a warm October morning, I made the scenic — and surprisingly mild — hike up Mt. Umunhum. This sacred mountain is also the home of an enormous Cold War-era radar tower visible from San Jose and beyond.

A New Angle on Coastal Redwoods

October 2018

The weather gave me more than I expected when I took my new wide-angle lens to photograph some of the largest trees in the world.