Visualizing Wave Energy

June 2021

An experiment in interactive diagrams goes with the (renewable energy) flow.

Sunset Experiments, Early 2021

March 2021

Experiments at sunset in the first few months of the year, as I play with different ways to photograph sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. Or maybe I just want excuses to get out more.

New Video Gear at the Giants’ Feet

October 2019

Video with a new app, a new gimbal, and a semi-new lens didn’t quite pan out. But a few hours along the mile-long Redwood Loop Trail puts things in perspective. It’s easy to feel small at the feet of giants.

Stronger Angles With an iPhone

July 2019

Here are some of my recent experiments in composition with a new wide-angle lens.

The Camera, the Pack, and the River

February 2019

After weeks of rain, I took a through a city park that was decidedly un-urban. I brought a GoPro camera, with mixed results.

Experiments in 2018

December 2018

On this blog, I publish realistic photos that show what each hike was like. But I also experiment with image processing. Here are some from 2018.

A New Angle on Coastal Redwoods

October 2018

The weather gave me more than I expected when I took my new wide-angle lens to photograph some of the largest trees in the world.