Sunset Experiments, Early 2021

March 2021 Experiment Photo & Video

As I learn to photograph ocean and beachfront landscapes, I try to look beyond the obvious. Sunsets are easy, and sometimes the obvious is enough. Other times I try something new.

For example, sunset is more than the sun touching a horizon. The event can linger 20 minutes as the sky remains bright, as seen above. Here are a few more shots from January–March 2021.

Sunset and silhouettes where a sandy creek meets the ocean.
Meadow Creek empties into the ocean. After setting up, I waited patiently for people to walk just at the right spot as the sun touched the horizon. I captured about 14 photos in nine minutes.
Pink clouds at dusk over a reflective ocean.
This day was dismal and overcast, so I didn’t hold out much hope for good photos. But I went anyway to experience a “bad” photo shoot. To my surprise, the clouds stopped with the water, and condensed as temperatures cooled.
People get close to ocean waves at dusk.
Having people in the foreground helps set the scale of things. Luckily silhouettes are easy to find at dusk. I’m also learning to time the tides, which can lead to more reflective sand.
Sunset over sand dunes at Pismo Beach.
Blue, orange, and pink are easy. What about green? I tried to capture photos with more hues, although the lighting is tricky.
Just playing with angles to see what happens. The water here is part of a placid creek that was, at the time, cut off from the ocean. Did you notice that it’s upside-down?
Person walking on a beach with wind ripples and a shell.
Sometimes a landscape photo is right in front of me. In this case, I kept my camera and wide-angle lens a few inches away from a shell and undisturbed sinuous wind ripples.