Clear makes to-do seamless

Clear is one of those rare apps that I use it so often that I forget its importance in my daily workflow. This version's syncing is above reproach, and I'm warming to its handy integration with Launch Center Pro. Creating and completing tasks is simple and quick — a real boon when taking notes on the fly.

At work, my iPad often sits next to my Mac as my Twitter client, calendar and checklist. Once I accidentally left it at home, so I began checking Twitter in the browser. Google calendar, same thing. And although I have Clear installed on my Mac, I made a trip home at lunch so I could take Clear to meetings. (Maybe that says more about me than the app, but still.)

Export and appearance nit-picks

My two wishes: More attention to the themes, and better export. I enjoy switching themes depending on the project on which I'm working. Kinda funny that way. But certain themes are hard to read. Whale, for example, obscures the blue keyboard cursor. And black text would be easier to read than white in Sunflowers.

Exporting is a little strange. For one thing, it doesn't always work for me. When it does, the rich text format is visually appealing, but not easy to save in, say, plain text files, Day One or to combine as a running “I did all this last month, boss!” list.

But overall Clear exemplifies the usual buzzwords. Fast, convenient, reliable, easy — and charming. I think the completed task chime is conditioning me to getting stuff done.

Write review. Boom. Done.